“Working with Solidus has undoubtedly enabled my company to generate many thousands of pounds in additional revenue for our time, professional service and advice to our clients, all of which is underpinned by the great advice, service and structure we get from Solidus.

They do say you should typically under promise and over deliver to keep your customers happy; in my experience Solidus have never under promised, but do regularly over deliver. The quality of work along with the quality of advice and the standard of service are all extremely high and have surpassed my expectations by quite a margin. For this reason, I was delighted to take up the opportunity of becoming a Regional Licensee.

I have no doubt that both my own, and that of my customers, level of satisfaction will continue to be nothing short of excellent, and in no small part due to our strategic alliance, I am expecting to, and have built into my business planning, the anticipation of double digit growth for my Wills, trusts and estate planning business for the next five years in a row.”

Steve Blofield
Director, Redwood Wills & Trusts

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