The tax situation…
Current tax rate 40%
Tax free allowance £325k
Potential addition of main residence nil rate band allowance of £175k
IHT liable for anything above £325k

How can you save Inheritance Tax for your clients?

By using Solidus Trust Frameworks

  • your client’s tax liability can be reduced or removed
  • next generation tax planning can be achieved

How quickly will your client reach their tax free limit?

It’s a positive step that a main residence nil rate band allowance of £175k may be introduced in 2017, in addition to the current £325k tax free threshhold.

However, even with this extra exemption rate, it’s surprising how quickly a single person or married couple can reach their nil-rate band threshold. With the average family home in Britain now valued at £250k, the remaining allowance can easily be overstepped when the assets include:

a family home, pensions and death benefits, some savings, life cover, investments, vehicles or other possessions.

With that in mind, how quickly will your clients reach their tax free allowance?

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