Our Financial Trust Solutions

Are typically family controlled
Are guaranteed by our legal partners
Are designed to deliver bloodline protection and tax benefits

Financial Trusts

What sets us apart?

We provide advice, support and solutions – not just an off-the-shelf product!

Asset Preservation Trust

  • Holds Death in Service lump sums, SIPP funds and personal pensions, including those in drawdown, following a client’s death.

Assurance Trust

  • Holds death benefit payments from life cover policies, including critical illness policies and relevant life plans.
  • Is bespoke to your client and certified with independent legal comment.
  • The policy proceeds do not fall within your client’s estate and can be paid out without the grant of probate.

The Multiple Bond Trust

  • Holds bonds from multiple providers which are not currently held in Trust.
  • Used for absolute transfers or where clients retain the ‘income’ rights whilst giving up their right to capital.
  • The bond is deemed outside of your client’s estate for IHT purposes after seven years.

The Solidus Loan Trust (Gift and Loan)

  • Holds gift and loan sums from one or more existing or future bonds, or gifts from your client’s family estate.
  • Assets from growth can be protected for use by the client’s beneficiaries.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Trust is required.

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