Our plan frameworks

Are typically family controlled
Use Will and Trust precedents developed by our legal partners
Are flexible so your clients can change how they distribute their estate

Our estate planning frameworks are tailored to suit the individual needs of your clients.

Single Person Beneficiary Protection Plan

  • Bloodline protection.
  • Provides a framework for next generation tax benefits for beneficiaries.
  • Protects lifetime gifting to beneficiaries.

Married Couple Beneficiary Protection Plan

  • Bloodline protection.
  • Protects Nil Rate Band values of the first spouse to die and the residual estate of the second spouse.
  • Protects inheritances for intended beneficiaries when the second spouse dies.
  • Protects lifetime gifting to beneficiaries.

Protective Gifting Trust

  • Protected lifetime transfer of assets to your client’s chosen beneficiaries.
  • Provides tax benefits equalling £40,000 for every £100,000 directed through the Trust.
  • Once established, the Trust can be used repeatedly.

Solidus Property Trust

  • Allows client to transfer property assets to their chosen beneficiaries.
  • Suitable for unencumbered properties.

Specialist Trust Planning
Solidus offer a range of planning solutions to address the specialist needs of business owners and those with additional properties or buy-to-let assets, which deliver:

  • Protective family succession.
  • Significant additional tax planning opportunities.

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