3 stages to protect your client’s wealth
Life-time planning
Death-time planning
Post death

Continuity of advice

At Solidus, we view wealth preservation in three stages.

Life-time planning focuses on reducing tax liability and protecting assets your clients want to pass on during their lifetime.

  • Our Multiple Bond Trusts, Protective Gifting Trusts and Property Trusts can help achieve this goal.

Death-time planning focuses on directing wealth to where your client wants it to go whilst protecting it from social impacts and unnecessary taxation.

  • Our Benefiary Protection Plans, Asset Preservation Trusts and Assurance Trusts do just that.

Post-death is the most important advice stage and is the time when the reason your client put the Trust framework in place is realised.

  • Build an ongoing relationship with your client so that you can advise them through changing circumstances.
  • Managing their Will and wealth leads to a stronger, more trusting bond and they will rely on you to guide and advise their family.
  • Does the planning you put in place achieve what your client wants?

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